Because Crisis Strikes in the Blink of an Eye!

…Hacker stealing data? …Product contamination? …Activist investor? …Disgruntled employee?

More than 80% of companies will experience a crisis in the next five years.

Are you ready if a crisis hits?

Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ is the world’s first cloud-based, all-inclusive crisis PR planning and response software designed so even communications novices can follow the model, complete templates and end up with a comprehensive crisis PR plan. Protect your company, your brand, and your job from “trial by Twitter” by anticipating–and preparing for–an inevitable crisis event.

Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™:
The World’s Only Crisis PR Planning + Response Software!

Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ distills 50+ years of communications experience into an easy-to-use system. Even a novice can follow the simple instructions and end up with a comprehensive, actionable crisis PR plan. Cut the agency cord and build your own crisis PR plan, at your own pace, with your own people, at a fraction of the cost.



Product Options

Blink Prime

Blink Prime puts you in the driver’s seat—access to all the cool features of the Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ planning software, including the step-by-step planning process, and the ability to create, edit, share, comment, download and save critical templates in real-time. Plus, Blink Prime controls team seats and user access levels for their company.

Team Seats

Everyone on your Crisis Response Team needs a seat to access the Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ plan, review and comment on documents, see other’s points of view and suggest copy or directional changes. With Blink, team members can weigh-in on the plan at any time, from anywhere, even on mobile devices.

Coach Approach

If you get stuck during the planning process, need some guidance or simply run out of time, Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ experts are available to help. Our coaches can do it all from conducting a crisis simulation to developing key messages to running your social media response.

How It’s Organized

What You Get [and more]:

  • Methodology for identifying and ranking threats to your business
  • Directions for assembling a crisis response team with roles
  • Hour One Immediate Response Advisory
  • Guidelines for evaluating a critical incident
  • Templates for identifying, communicating with stakeholders
  • Instructions for running a crisis simulation workshop [complete with agenda]
  • Tutorial on developing key messages and proof points
  • Sample media relations materials like press releases–including starter copy
  • Practical spokesperson training tips from those who have been in the hot seat
  • Toolkit covering every step of the crisis PR planning process
  • 24/7 access to crisis PR plan from anywhere, anytime on your laptop, tablet or cell

It can take years to build a good reputation…and just a single crisis to destroy one.

Buy your company some “brand insurance” today!

How do you sleep at night when…
Rest easy with the Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ planning system!

They say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. It’s true! And never truer than with the Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ planning system. Enjoy peace of mind by getting ahead of potential threats to your business and reputation. Anticipate the worst today and you’re better able to cope with the real crisis tomorrow.

With Blink, your plan “lives” in the cloud, available 24/7 for immediate action when a crisis hits. No matter where your crisis response team finds themselves, if there’s an Internet connection, they can view the plan and help shape the response in real time.

What is the Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ Planning & Activation System?

Think of it as having a dedicated, experienced crisis PR executive on call when and where you need them, offering advice, counsel, directions and suggestions at every step of the planning process. Blink distills 50+ years of communications experience into building blocks that interlock to create a solid foundation for the crisis response effort.

We know the kind of questions that come up during a crisis. Things like…

  • What do we do first? Check out our Hour One Checklist.
  • How do we write a media statement? Just follow the plan example.
  • How do we distribute a press release? Link to the same distribution services the pros use.
  • How do we draft key messages? Complete the simple Message Mapping exercise.
  • How do we set up a media briefing room? There’s a handy checklist for that, too.
  • How do we prepare our spokesperson? Refer to the Media Do’s and Don’ts for details.

…and the Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ planning & activation system tries to anticipate and answer most of them. The system leads you through a logical, step-by-step model, with tons of practical examples, tips and pointers to jump start the planning process. When a crisis strikes, log in, notify your team and immediately start the crisis response!

The Hall of Shame Awaits the Unprepared—Is That You?

American Airlines. Applebee’s. BP. Chick-Fil-A. Chipotle. Equifax. Fox News. PepsiCo. Turing Pharmaceuticals. Uber. United. VW. Wells Fargo. Matt Lauer. James Levine. Charlie Rose. Harvey Weinstein.

Ask any of the current corporate residents in the social media Hall of Shame, and they’ll tell you that bad things can happen—in the Blink of an Eye. Companies that are prepared stand a better chance of containing the crisis and recovering faster. When asked, 94% of crisis executives said the unprepared left themselves open for Trial by Twitter, a court that shows no mercy and has no appeals.

Can You Afford a Crisis Plan? Can You Afford to Not Have One?

Sure. You can play the odds. Maybe your company won’t get hit by a crisis. But do you really want to take a chance with your company’s reputation? Almost 80% of global executives in a recent study believed they were just six to 12 months away from a potential crisis.

Can You Afford to Not Have a Crisis PR Plan?

  • Goldman Sachs played the odds, and saw their valuation plummet $12.4 billion in one afternoon as a result of fraud allegations.
  • Apple played the odds, and their valuation dropped $5.08B on the heels of a bad iPhone 4 review.
  • Toyota played the odds, and their valuation fell $30B in four weeks following a major car recall.
  • Chipotle played the odds, and lost $1.0B in value in just four days after a norovirus outbreak.
..and Speaking of Affordable…

Only in the digital age can you take what was once the exclusive purview of pricey consultants, and make it affordable for virtually any company to have a crisis plan. Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ software took a zero out of the pricing equation. A crisis plan this comprehensive would easily cost between $150,00-$300,000 prepared by a traditional agency. But Blink can be yours for a fraction of that price.

When a crisis hits – will you be a hero or a zero?
The choice is yours!
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Coach Approach
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