Team Seat

Blink Team Seat – Annual subscription with automatic renewal to Blink OnDemand Crisis PR planning software for crisis response team member.

A crisis impacts every aspect of an organization, from production to marketing to purchasing to operations and more. That’s why a balanced crisis response team should include representatives from critical areas across the company.

The Blink model calls for a crisis response team spearheaded by the Blink Prime user and up to 10 additional team members from other functional areas. The optimal number of crisis response team seats needed for your company is up to you. Each Blink Prime subscriber can purchase up to 10 incremental Team Seats.

Blink Team Seat subscribers enjoy:

  • Cloud-based, 24/7 access to the world’s first crisis PR planning software
  • Ability to review, comment on all plan elements during development
  • Proprietary methodology for identifying, ranking threats to your business
  • Proven model that leads you through the crisis planning process step-by-step
  • Dozens of helpful worksheets, templates and exercises
  • Social media guidelines and best practices
  • Referrals to useful value-add, third party resources
  • Minute-by-minute agenda for desktop crisis simulation exercise
  • Logistics checklists for a crisis command center, media briefing room
  • Interview pointers, reporter FAQs for spokesperson media training
  • Sample copy for media relations materials covering the 8 major threat types
  • Hour One Activities list to jump-start the crisis PR response effort

And much, much more…