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A Brain In A Box: Automation Makes Crisis PR Planning Accessible, Affordable


Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ Announces Plans for World’s First OnDemand Crisis PR Planning Software


CHICAGO [October 11, 2017] – Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ today announced the firm has begun work on the world’s first-ever crisis PR planning software. President Laurel Kennedy heralded the software as “the beginning of automation for the strategic side of the public relations industry” and the “first in a portfolio of related products aimed at providing companies with the tool kit, process and templates to develop and implement professional public relations programming at a fraction of current prices.” Customers control the entire crisis PR process from planning through implementation at their own pace, with their own people, guided by a proven methodology.


The cloud-based software is accessible 24/7 from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection. Like a “brain in a box”, Blink OnDemand Crisis PR comprises a proprietary, step-by-step model that leads users through every phase of the crisis planning process such as team organization, risk assessment, media response, incident simulation and recovery planning. The self-paced product features easy-to-follow templates and worksheets while providing built-in safeguards to avoid common issues like iteration confusion.


“Thanks to scalability, Blink OnDemand Crisis PR software makes crisis PR planning accessible and affordable for the average company without requiring a dedicated communications team or agency support,” noted Kennedy. “You can think of it as a form of brand insurance, planning ahead to minimize the impact of a crisis on the business and the brand.”


Developed by industry veterans Laurel Kennedy and Paula Hahn, alums of agencies including Edelman, Ketchum and Porter Novelli, Blink OnDemand Crisis PR distills 50+ years of communications expertise into a logical system that even communications novices can follow to achieve professional results.


For more information about Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ contact Laurel Kennedy at 847.423.2443 or



“…merges the quantitative skills of an MBA with the creative execution of an award-wining agency professional…thinks like a CEO, watches budgets like a CFO and delivers top tier programmatic solutions like a CMO. You absolutely want Blink in your corner when facing a fast-breaking issue with long-term consequences for your brand and bottom line.”

Mark Dollins
Senior Vice President*




“…vast experience in the food and packaging industries…oversaw planning and publicity for more than 15 brands, proactively addressing issues such as calories, sugar and obesity as well as the strategic and very successful launch of Dannon’s first probiotic product in the US, Activia…also provided guidance on dealing with issues such as packaging safety, downsizing of yogurt sizes…strategic counsel helped to enable Dannon to eventually reclaim leadership in the yogurt category.”

Colleen R. Brathwaite

Director of Corporate Communications*

The Dannon Company



“I have worked with Paula and Laurel and admire their commitment to excellence in working with the agriculture industry and farmers in particular. Smart, dedicated and innovative people who deliver results. Highly recommended!”

Mike Braden

VP Board Relations

Dairy Management, Inc.



 “…spearhead the development of a comprehensive crisis management plan, not only for Aveda Corporate, but also for the roughly 20 franchisees and 1,600 concept salons (who carry only Aveda products) in the Aveda Network…savvy in crisis management was also showcased by…development of plans and programs which opened up the doors of communication between Aveda Corporate and its franchisees and salon affiliates.”

Patti Borrelli

Marketing Communications*




"Customer safety is the paramount concern of any industry…[Blink] demonstrated a CEO’s grasp of liability exposure and the impact of product safety on brand reputation, providing invaluable guidance and proactive tactical direction."

Tom Conley


National Housewares Association



"A product of the Midwest … understands the challenges of the modern farmer, from fluctuating fertilizer prices, to urban encroachment, to environmental concerns…dialed-in to agricultural issues and ready to advocate for producers."
Mark and Joanne Brummel

Wheat Farmers

Strasborg, CO



“…[handled an] assortment of crisis and issues management situations (including a national boycott), as you would expect would come up for such a large stable of nationally-marketed beers [Miller Brewing]… merges…public relations talents and journalism experience to tackle the toughest issues, always providing…the best, most professional counsel. And, equally important…never afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work, often around the clock as these situations often require.”

Steve Singerman

Senior Vice President*




"More than ever, consumers are concerned with where and how their food gets from farm to table. Transporters are an important piece of this food chain, and their greatest asset is a positive reputation of safety and traceability. Blink is positioned to protect reputations and help build brands, by telling transporters’ stories, strategizing for potential crisis situations and serving as a critical link between the food chain and the media."


David DeLong


The DeLong Co., Inc.



* Former position


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