• Crisis Gap Analysis                                       

    Who does what when?

    Who controls messaging?

    Who coordinates with the field?

    What’s the buzz on social media?

    What are our customers saying?

    How vulnerable are we?

    How widespread is the problem?

    Who speaks for the company?


    These are just a few of the questions that come into play at the start of a crisis. Not to mention the necessary  legal review and operating considerations. The  audit identifies areas of vulnerability, assigns probabilities to risks and determines the current state of  corporate crisis response while identifying any  critical capability gaps.


  • Crisis Action Plan                                          

    News just broke, now what happens?

    Who’s running our response?

    Who’s measuring public opinion?

    What software is tracking traditional and social media coverage?

    Where is control central?

    Who are the opinion leaders we need to reach?


    When crisis strikes, there’s no time to plan. Just time to do. The Scouts knew what they were talking about with the “Be Prepared” motto. Your business can too.

  • Crisis Navigators                                           

    Who knows our business best?

    Who has the experience to run our response?

    Who understands social media?

    Who will execute our crisis plan?


    Blink principals thrive under fire. It gets our blood  pumping and sharpens our focus. Coupled with decades of experience handling crises ranging from life-threatening food contamination situations to hostile unionization efforts, we can ease the pressure on your execs, allowing them to get on with the business of  your business while we manage the crisis.

  • Crisis Simulation                                           

    Can you handle hostile questions?

    Can key personnel respond quickly?

    Are the right people on the team?

    How fast can you get your message out?


    Having a plan is a good thing. Testing the plan to make sure it works is a very good thing. Real-time simulations put your plan and people to the test so you can tweak what needs improving and gain confidence when the real deal happens -- whether that's a barrage of complaining tweets or product tampering situation.


  • Crisis Media Coaching                                  

    Can you respond without sounding evasive?

    Do you look comfortable in the spotlight?

    Do you look cool and confident?

    Can you avoid interview traps and pitfalls?

    Who on the team has a Twitter following?


    You never know how you’ll react during Trial by Twitter, until it happens. A Blink simulation gives you the chance  to test run your response. These days, social media includes video and audio, not just the written word. How you look and sound are factors just as critical as the actual message. Get a feel for the real deal.

  • Crisis Response Seminar/Webinar              

    How do we know this is really a crisis?

    Who does what in a crisis response effort?

    Where do we send customers/consumers for information?

    What are the elements of a solid crisis response plan?

    How do we communicate with our associates?


    What they say about “an ounce of preparation” is true. Get your team up to speed on the strategy and tactics required for an effective crisis communications effort.

    Three Options:

    1] classroom style on-site seminar with team role play

    2] webinar style on-demand training tailored to your firm

    3] hands-on plan development session

  • Crisis Recovery                                              

    What do we do after the crisis resolves?

    How do we re-build stakeholder relationships?

    How do we recapture lost sales?

    How do we start shifting social media buzz?

    When do we start recovery efforts?


    The crisis has started winding down. Now what? It’s time to shape the dialogue with each stakeholder segment using strategically targeted messaging delivered via the most relevant media. Draw on key learnings and craft messages that emphasize strengths and points of difference. Crises have long tails. Recovery plans address them.

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