There are two reasons you may be reading this page:


1. you're in crisis mode already, or

2. you're losing sleep wondering if you're prepared for one.


Either way, Blink can help.


Among the first things prospective clients usually ask is “have you handled something like this before?” and “how fast can you ramp up?” The short answers are 'yes' and 'quickly.'  Our menu contains evidence to support that, detailing clients, crises and industries served.



Crisis management is a sensitive subject. In recognition of that fact, we’ve balanced your need to know the companies we’ve worked for, with their need for confidentiality, by separating clients from the crisis topic.


Our roster includes companies like Aveda, General Cigar Co., KFC, Miller Brewing, Nestle, Nielsen, Six Flags, StarKist, Urban Decay, Volvo -- plus an array of individual brands from companies like Diageo, P&G, Kraft and more.



When you work in crisis management long enough, you see almost every kind of situation.  Here's a sampling of crises or issues Blink team members have navigated for clients:


Consumer Reaction - from Facebook and Twitter complaints to product boycotts

Corporate Conduct – hiring practices, fraud, sexual harassment, misuse of funds, hostile takeovers, pension funding

Environmental – air pollution, clean energy, wildlife endangerment, sustainability, groundwater contamination

Health / Nutrition - sugar, salt, fat, obesity, unregulated supplements, dementia, advertising to children

Product / Packaging - tampering, contamination, recycled materials, product claims

Responsibility - drinking, smoking, driving issues

Safety – accidents, explosions, personnel contamination, structure collapse, product failure

Union – work slowdown, contract negotiations, organization campaign



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