Here’s what’s different about the Blink approach to crisis communications management:


We’re direct. If you want someone to salve your ego, go elsewhere. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary confidence, tools and techniques to prevail in the court of public opinion.


We’re experienced. You will be entrusting your organization's reputation to senior executives with 20+ years of big agency and big company experience -- much of it with food/beverage brands, corporations or associations you know. We do the work, not just the sales job.


We’re strategic. We get it. We understand what’s at stake during a crisis, personally and professionally.


We’re successful. We keep a low profile and let our work do the talking. Our clients are the companies who earn kudos for their handling of crisis situations.






We’re virtual. We’re virtually connected, dialed-in to key stakeholders and issues. Think mobile. It’s the only way to stay abreast of crises as they develop.


We’re exclusive. Not every company believes in total transparency and unflinching ethical standards. We only work with those that do.


We’re focused. Crisis response requires truth, transparency and timeliness. Blink OnDemand Crisis PR™ helps you verify facts, develop a strategy, craft messaging and get the word out to all stakeholders in the best manner possible.


What BLINK does is pretty simple:


Equip clients with the toolkit and confidence to navigate any crisis situation. You can’t create a crisis plan and execute one simultaneously. Ask any risk manager, and they’ll tell you that the “ounce of prevention” approach works best.


Blink helps you set up a response model, then tests your team under fire during a real-time simulation. We fine-tune the model so you have a field-proven plan in place and a team assured that they’re ready to handle a crisis.


Remember: you’ll be judged as much for how you handle the crisis in the public eye, as you will for the crisis itself.



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